Just a man with his guitar...

Well, there’s nothing much…just a man is sitting and playing his guitar with happiness…


No special effect, it’s so simple picture.

That’s not how you hold or play a guitar.
The bloom is nasteh.
The reskin is sloppy.
The low-res grass textures stand out.
Why does the photograph have random metal scratches on it?

I just want to make old photograph, but I dont know whta should I do.

Please never release that skin…ever.

I don’t know anyman that can play guitar with his knees bent at a 60 degree angle, standing perfectly strait up.

Cool! Nice Job!

facial expression in the picture:

Crazy people are awesome.

what a fucking ugly skin
2006 quality content guys!!!

There’s nothing else to add.

A for [del]effort[/del] attempt at effort
D for posing/idea