just a queation on gmod dragons and a request again

ok first up ive made a post already about dragon requests so yea, my question is:
i know that there have been 40k ports, what about warhammer, mark of chaos… and so on.
the Dragon prince…


thats from Mark of chaos. why wernt they ported, with some deamon prince, few big … eagles, and griphons lol ? well as i said in my last thread g mod needs more dragons, ive also seen a post on a dragon rider, if this is ported it would cover both (or dragon with saddle lol).
just asking but a port would be nice, besides turn that thing black and red and well… some of the spyro fans may be quiet for awhile ( it would be close to the evil Cynder from spyro: new begining, just it wont have the right tail and wing thumbs X) and alot of spikes lol)

This would be nice, but what would ROCK is a Lugia NPC using the Blood Dragon Scripts.
Change the Colour of the Fire to Purple or Black and make it look like a Pokemon’s actual attack.
That, a Mudkip, Chariazard, and Eevee’s Family NPC.
Eevee’s Family could use the Scripting of the kitty npc ( Or something better cause the cat was the worst NPC I’ve even seen. )
Still, to remain on subject you have a very nice idea, but most people ignore posts like this, so your helpless about now unless you learn to script yourself.