Just a Question

I know the answer is probably just buy the game on a new account. But I am going to ask anyways. I used to run a medium sized Rust server and was having alot of problems with aimbots/esp/looting through walls etc. So as an admin of the server I thought “Hey, why not use esp to see if people are speed running through my servers so I can just ban them right away before seeing people spam me with messages saying so and so is hacking.” But when they released the cheatpunch thing my account was banned from going on servers with cheatpunch including my server if i had cheatpunch enabled. My question is is there anyway to get unbanned from my current steam account or do I need to just make a new account. Please no rage replies or off topic replies. Thank you

(User was banned for this post ("undescriptive thread title." - postal))

Just an answer: no


I assume you’ll also get vac banned on the next wave. I’m yet to see someone get cheatpunch banned and not vac banned sometime later .

If what you’re saying is true, it was a very bad move.

Sorry, man.