Just a question

I host my servers with NFO. I was wondering if buying a dedicated machine from them would be better than my current setup for my garrysmod server.

This is my current setup

I assume it has other people on it, because well, it would only make sense to do so.

How many slots do you currently have?

What’s your average playercount?

Do you experience lots of lag?

I heard a lot of people use their VPSes since it offers more freedom, control and a better price. A dedicated box would probably be overkill unless you have to host many servers.

If you are going to get it, you should probably take as os linux.

Linux has always be a source of problems for GMod. Wouldn’t recommend. You’ll have to find linux compiled binaries as well, if you use DLLs.

How much are you paying at the moment for your server? (VPS I’m assuming?)

Average player count is around 50. I had to remove some stuff, so it doesn’t really lag anymore, but it may in the future if I want to add more cars or weapons.

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Around $70 for a game server, each month, with everything maxed out. ( max priority) ect,

If you’re hosting more than one server or you’re getting a lot of lag then you may want to consider getting a dedicated machine, however most people (including me) do just fine with a VPS as it is much cheaper and more scalable. It will often be better value for money to get a VPS and even though you will have more raw power and the entire machine to yourself if you have your own machine, it’s sometimes more trouble than it’s worth.

Trouble? Like what?

The expense. Dedicated servers have their advantages, but you’re gonna have to pay lots for those advantages. They are also not as easy to scale on the fly & fit to your needs, but on the other hand you would own the actual machine rather than sharing it.

Do you think a VPS would be better than my current game server?

What kind of game server do you have right now? A shared machine?

I use a VPS with OVH - they have anti-DDoS which is great, also great internet and uptime.

Yeah, it’s a shared machine

Unless you’re having actual issues with your server I wouldn’t advise changing anything. However, if you ever need to upgrade, it might not be a terrible idea to look into a VPS, or if you need even more, a dedicated machine (but that might be overkill).