Just a question.

I’ve got no idea where can I ask about it, hope won’t get ban on forum for this post. So… I was offlane like few days tonight comes back and 2 members of my clan are banned… Asked what happend and they explanation is “we raided clan that got admin of the server as a member”… That confused me because if its true that’s no point to play this game. All i want to ask someone what was the reason of the bans. Is that option possible? Our clan is not only RUST. we are big community and we got iron rules. If they really cheat i want to punish them aswell but spend like 900h with those guys on rust and execly know how they play. Thats hard to believe they cheat. Where can i ask for more info?

Are they server-banned or do their profiles say “Game bans: 1” with a very recent timestamp?

If they’ve been server-banned, the only people you can talk to are the server admins.

If they have anticheat bans, you can provide their Steam IDs here or go to EAC’s own forum and ask them to verify the detection info in the database. Please note that you will not be told any details of the ban such as what kind of cheat was detected or when; if the ban is valid you’ll be told that they were caught hacking, and if the ban is invalid, congratulations on being a pal and getting your friends’ bans reversed.

EAC has a very low false positive rate (but it does happen; I’ve witnessed three incidents total out of probably 20,000+ valid bans) so the second scenario is unlikely, but not impossible.

So, i hope guys on EAC will answer my questions. Thanks a lot for reply :wink: kind regards. BTW where can i find EAC forum?:wink:

Googling “eac forum” returns the old EAC forums as the top result. That forum now contains one post telling you to go here instead. “Finding” something implies actually trying to look for it first.