Just a Quick Beginner Question.

So I’ve been panning the Lua Tutorials on the Gmod Wiki, and for the most part it makes a lot of sense, like a downgraded version of C++, but anyway, I’ve been wondering what would be good things to script for practice, like exercises. Somewhat how like we do math problems in math class to solidify what we learned. If anyone would be kind enough to suggest or point me in the right direction, that’d be fantastic.

P.S. Example of what I’m talking about: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/C++_Programming/Exercises/Iterations

It’s more of a downgraded version of C# but watev

Try to recreate some stuff that was already made, analyse their code.

You can also try to reimplement stuff like the HL2 weapons or I dunno. It’s not like a school subject like math so you’d be better off just letting your creativity speak.

Cool. The only reason I said C++ is because it’s the only other language I’ve studied. And there are certain similarities, but thank you in any event.

One word : OOP; C# is basically a OOP C++ with funny microsoft stuff