Just A Quick Idea

A Short Idea On The Rust Alpha

I’m not a dev, neither do I have any experience in this field, But A Short idea of mine would be to have some kind of offline build of rust, open to the public (without the use of keys) and keep the serious development and such within the online build (requiring keys), I’m not begging for keys or anything, I just really would like to see some kind of open alpha/beta in the near future, and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that even a little bit of playing with this game would be a hell of a lot more satisfying than just some Youtube Videos and Screencaps.

    Thanks 4 Your Time

Not a bad idea

Rust is only a prototype, It doesn’t need people to test a offline build that would be out of date a week later(or whenever they update). Also what would be the point of releasing a offline build with it only you playing. If you don’t have a key by this point, best is to forget and wait till it becomes more complete.

good idea

Actually from a business point of view its a pretty bad one tbh. Closed betas, which is what this is (even though it was open it was so because it was believed the interest would not explode like it did), are there so the company (or dev team) can have people testing the game, gain feed back and be able to work off that data.
Opening any unfinished version of the game will only have 1000’s of idiots spamming the forums complaining about this and that regardless of what the premiss of their access is. Plus then the likely hood of large numbers of potential future clients getting either pissed with the game (because its crap, even though its not finished) or getting bored of the game and then never buying it nor encouraging their friends to buy it is quite high

So my advice is no, not a chance, please do not do this

The game currently is for devs to work out the bugs, which is basically the definition of ALPHA.
People don’t understand that it’s not fully working yet, also sadly garrysmod is filled with hate-filled kids.

Just gotta wait… all in due time… …Can’t wait to try it though.

It is a bad idea, actually. Why would the devs waste time and energy on a separate version just for you?

Another idea would be that we could buy a key for around $10. This will calm down the begging for keys and let the dev earn some money for more/better servers. Think of it as a pre-purchase.

dev doesn’t need money lmao

atleast not yet