Just a quick question about old rust alpha keys

Hi, I got my rust key a few months ago (maybe more than a few) when they were being handed out just after open alpha was closed and I was wondering if this key is the same thing as the ones which are currently available to buy that means if I’m gonna get acess to released game aswell or if the key which I got was just an alpha one and when beta or released game arrives I’m gonna have to pay for another key. Thank you.

If your account wasn’t deleted for inactivity, yes, you’re still getting to keep the game even with pre-buy keys!

Inactivity? How long does it take to get account marked as inactive? Just asking my account is still functional and thank you for your answer.

We can buy key :open_mouth: ?

It only happened to people who didn’t log in for 2 months. I don’t think there will be any more deletions for inactivity now.

yeah its in the sticky and you can get one each day here : http://www.playrust.com/buy

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Alright thank you.

I never realized these account deletions.

Also what exactly counts as activity? As in just logging in the website or playing the actual game?

Garry stated that he measured activity as being in-game for at least one second over the span of two months. If you did at least that, your account was not deleted.

I played a lot early on, but decided to stop until significant development happened, then I came back and my account doesn’t seem to exist. Do I now have to buy a key?

I’m guessing so. Which sucks because I got sick of all the kiddies and quit until it got farther into development, and now I don’t have an account.

It’s an alpha test, you don’t wait for development, because you are a small part in that development by reporting bugs. You are an alpha tester, not a player. Even if you buy a key.

There wasn’t anything else left to really test, yet, because development was really slow at that time. They were working on some big stuff, but none of it was available to test, yet, so I decided to wait.