Just a quick question

So whenever I go on the Rust website, at the bottom, it always says something like
13605 users; 124 online; 86 surviving
I was wondering about the 13000 number. Is the users just the people on the website at one time, or is it people that have redeemed rust keys? If it is redeemed keys, how is that possible?

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Players that have redeemed the keys, As In they got keys and made an account.

Geez thats a lot of people. I didn’t know that many people had accounts.

There Are Usually Less then 100 testers online at a time, Most people rage because Of M4’s

I would rather use a pistol instead of a M4. But yeah only about 120 are online at a time.

Is it because If you get killed with a pistol it isn’t a big loss, or because you prefer them

I think I like the pistols because I just love how they are modeled. And also, it is pretty easy to craft and it isn’t a big loss. Plus, its not underpowered. As long as you get the first shot off with the pistol, you can probably beat most people.

From what I heard, M4’s Can Put Down anything If you can aim

Yeah, when it gets to beta stage, they really need to nerf the m4. From what i hear, it doesn’t take a while to craft. Its like starting minecraft with a diamond sword with sharpness 25 or something.

I don’t think it needs a nerf, just make it harder to craft.

I really think that the devs should delete inactive accounts so more people that actually wanna play, can play.

I don’t think account innactivity is a problem. The people with accounts aren’t hindering people without accounts whatsoever.

How will that help? Instead of deactivating accounts, Just give more keys out as they control the supply, Unless someone got 1000+ keys while the admin key generator was enabled