Just a simple emo girl

Hey guys, I just want a really simple model done.


Just an emo girl. Please try to be as accurate to the picture as possible. Thanks to anyone who does this for me. :slight_smile:

p.s. I might request more in the future, so if possible can the model come with a spawnlist?

That’s scene dude.

Same difference.

Oh shit, fucking hawt.

Oh god, her face scares the shit out of me.

meh, not hot enough

Emos are a dying breed. They are all going to raves now, making them scene.

hehe, “simple” model

OMG! HOT!!!..someone HAS to make this!!!..shes so hot X)


How not simple is this? I don’t really know seeing as I can only make furniture and guns.

You are asking for a complete ragdoll, which to my knowledge take loads of more time to model than guns and furniture.

I see this: :q:

oh. But can’t you just take a standard humanoid model from XSI or something and attach an HL2 citizen skelleton?


Anyone gonna do this?

Drowns in own vomit


Any takers?


Oh, just remembered, Should be face, finger, and eye poseable.