Just a simple question about the future of the enviroment

I know the game is in early development and all, but the theme of the landscape isn’t going to be just plain brown and grey wasteland, right? It would be nice to see transitions from desert wasteland to nuclear winter or irradiated wilderness.

Great point. I have a million such questions which I don’t expect answered here:
what type of weapons will there be?
will there be siege weapons?
will there be cities/towns?
will there be guilds/clans?
will there be vehicles?
blah blah blah…

I was wondering if there was a dev blog or something similar where we could get a glimpse into the future direction of the game. Given it’s promising start and great concept I’m fascinated to see where it might go.

I dont have an alpha key but i’ve watched some gameplay and can’t wait for it to come out. But you’re idea is preety cool.

I agree. I see potential in most survival games, but they usually go in the wrong direction and get washed up and boring pretty quickly. [sub]Minecraft[/sub]

I’d hope they add different environments it would make this game so unique. (I’ve never seen a survival game with this). It would make the game different from all the others, but hey everything is subject to change in to near future.