Just a simple question..

Is MakeHuman compatible with Source? I am asking this because it seems really simple to use, and I want to start modelling RP models for Garry’s Mod, and probably move onto to making assets and objects for UDK.


P.S. If this is the wrong category, Im sorry.

All Models are compatible with source, How else do you think we can take content from a game with different settings entirely and change them so that the engine is more accepting.

Pretty much any 3D model can be exported as an .obj file (A simple format that pretty much every modelling program will export/import). From there, you would just need a way to export the model to .smd (Softimage Mod Tool 7 is good for this).

By the way, as far as 3D asset implementation goes, UDK is WAY easier than source. There’s a reason people are always complaining about Source’s antiquated tools and workflow.

Some games/engines are harder to port from than others. They may require special tools. You can always do a little research and see what other people say about ‘MakeHuman’ Source porting.

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