Just a Small idea

~Closed idea I think I will try at a hl2 mod again~
Please delete thread.
Thank You.

Well, I didn’t understand your post completely. (And you should read the manga. 'Tis much bettar than the anime)

First of all you tell about this idea, then say that nothing like this has been done because it blows unless it has lua? Unless my logic circu- I mean brains have completely failed me, that sentence makes no sense. Lua is slower than C(++) and can’t access all the features of the source engine. Why does it make… “Animish” stuff so much better?

Secondly, you go and tell everybody how the hl2 source code is a piece of shit - another logic failure. You want to develop on a piece of shit. Why, because lua makes it better?

Thirdly, you list some features. Are these implemented or are they just ideas? What?

And finally, you say you’re not asking for help. That’s great, you made a thread about an idea without even being the ideas guy?

Please explain, before my head asplodes :smiley:

Also sorry if it seems I’m ranting on the hl2 engine I’m just intimidated atm.
<-Going to a party will be back soon.


Lol sorry I’m saying its a Idea I’ll begin work on.
Also Hl2s system is a piece of shit(in my opinion atm) its messy(Yes C++ is faster I’ll admit to that I know I used to program in it alot),it requires alot of redoing to add a few small things,and lua is faster in development I should of said.

If you don’t want to agree with me then please don’t but don’t let you head asplode =P.Yes

Lua makes hl2 MUCH better.Why? because it allows for rapider development,its easier to program in then change a shit load of stuff on the hl2 engine. I honestly WOULD work on the hl2 engine myself except I really hate how messy(which is why it also requires alot of changes to fix a few small things)it is.

I could be wrong on all of this and just might be intimadated by the hl2 engine.I might go back and look into making this a full fledge mod.

Also sorry if I seem ranting on the Hl2 engine like I said I’m very just intimadated by the hl2 engine =].

Good Day,

<-Going to a party will be back soon.