Just a thought about BP´s

Just a thought about tweaking of the Blueprint system.

My thought was that you did´t find BP in boxes and barrels just items.
With those items you have to have a research bench to get the possibility to craft a BP, this will result in that you have to farm the resources to make a costly BP and all the cost to repair the item if the BP failed.

if the BP failed the bench will have a coolown period for that item to study.

how about that? plz come with some creative suggestions.

Farming bps is already “fun” enough.

Well with this farming BP is history, you kill somebody, raid somebody or farm some things, then research it.

Ah not true, when a server wiped it’s blueprints you still have to farm for them. Aspect is still there

yeah, thats the same if there is bp´s in barrels ingame or not. A BP wipe is a BP wipe ether way the delivery system off the BP.