Just a tip, DO NOT play on the"LucidGaming[Pvp]NoAdmAbuse[NEW]" RUST Server

The title even says “NoAdmAbuse” but that’s the TOTAL opposite of what happens. The admins (One in particular that I could remember “Lucid///DEATH”) are allied with a few people and if you do anything such as kill them, or piss them off in any way, they’ll continuously spawn items and raid you over and over again.

Me and a couple of my friends killed one of them so he came back with all the other admins and we stomped them into the floor. So about 2 minutes later my friends and I are re-grouping and getting ready to reinforce the base when the group of Admins returned with full Kevlar, 10 satchel charges, and 200 bullets for each gun. Now, mind you… the admin’s base was at-least a 10 minute walk from their base to ours yet some how they’d show up just 2 minutes later already suited up. They continued their onslaught 3 more times, just to get shot down again and show up again 2 minutes later. Then they finally killed us because we ran out of ammo, we warned everyone of the abusing admins and got out of that horrible place.

DO. NOT. PLAY. THERE. We put a lot of time into that server for no reason!


Well hello again Alvatree,

First off i want to say that everyone has their own opinion and that is completely fine, i also made this account just to reply to you and your friends.

A few things this person is leaving out is the fact that we do advertise that we dont use admin commands. and we do not.
We use admin for kick and ban and that is it.

Here is a link to a stream of us raiding these guys http://www.twitch.tv/tbartech/b/489552761 and http://www.twitch.tv/duwaynetv/b/489557849 .

Alvatree is leaving out the fact that they were being raided by a separate group unknown to us at the same time. the reason people showed back up so quickly is because it wasn’t us.
we tried to explain it to this group however they felt more fit to go on a massive spam spree in chat, and in fact at that point i was not loged into admin and had to minimize to get the rcon
to kick and ban this group.

We have never used the admin commands in the server, most of the players that play in there know this. we play the game too. we raid. we kill. its the fun of the game.

also as for people we help. we help everyone who has little and needs a pickme up. like if i have extra food or a extra hatchet i hand them out.
we simply do not spawn items we gather them from mining/raiding/ and crafting. its simple as that.

When we raided this group we used up all of our med kits. all of our m4 ammo, and had to go with shotguns and one mp5 due to being low on ammo.

and at one point i ran there naked so i can pickup items to keep the pressure on, and ended up winning the gun fight from both groups and leaving with most of the items.

So to Alvatree and his spamming / rude teammates i bid you farewell and i hope you never land on a solid server because of your attitude.

Mhmmmmm, funny how you left out the fact that all that stuff that you “Legitimately” have, and the mile long METAL fortress you “Legitimately” have was all established just 2 days after the mass server wipe to all the servers.

Just because you didn’t spawn items during your livestream doesn’t mean you didn’t spawn all of the items the day prior to build that HUGE metal fortress.

There’s absolutely no way you got all of that legitimately in less than two days.

But it’s your word vs. ours, and we held you off 4 times until you finally succeeded. Regardless, we had fun and it’s a win, win situation. Admins playing on their own server is very discerning to anyone because no one will ever know if you truly spawn items or not.
Also, if you pay attention to chat, plenty of people are doubting your legitimacy. The only people who don’t doubt it are the few kids that you take under your wing and arm to the teeth with items that takes legitimate players hours to get. :slight_smile:


Let me preface: I don’t play on this server, but the issue here is somewhat obvious, and so help me I have to attempt to turn this to a civil discourse.

Just because someone is an admin, does not mean they are spawning items. That is to say that just because I have a car, I am a bad driver. One cannot simply blanket statement such things in such a way. You mentioned they had full kevlar, my friends, myself and many others have full kevlar, we crafted it. Anyone living near a radtown can probably craft kevlar after 2-3 hours of play (granting some great luck). You also mention they had 200 bullets. Again, run through a rad town four or five times. Viola! 200 bullets! Unless you have a stream showing that they were indeed the same guys raiding you, then your argument is at a loss. Also who is to say they didn’t just drop extra junk in a shack 2 minutes away and sleeping bags as a back up plan? I do that before big raids.

The stream shows several things

  1. at the time of Alvatree and his crew chat spamming, the admin streaming needed to log in to RCON. Indicating that he was not already logged in.

  2. An early point shows the streamer falling and taking damage indicating god mode was not on and further pushing for evidence that streamer was not logged in to RCON.

  3. Early on inventory is displayed. It contains (roughly) one half stack 9mm ammo, half stack m4 ammo, random amount shotgun ammo, three stacks of bandages, two-three wood stairs, and full kevlar. That is exactly what I would take on a raid.

  4. The stream shows no clear and present admin abuse in my opinion.

Holy shit this is so pathetic.

Hello all again. I just want to say, we are all pretty level headed people running the server. few people (2-3) actually have the rcon password, and most times we are not even logged into the admin as mentioned.

as for the accusations of our house being unreasonable the fact that we are 7 strong was left out and up to 9 people that play together not to mention the 2-3 groups of players who have built inside our fence and randomly in our area, people come up and say hey can i build over there and we say sure go ahead. when you see our unholy fort keep in mind we only own 2 items inside the wall. one big house and one big metal house. the material required was about 1300 lqm for the metal house. we raid all day every day. over and over, and when you raid 10 people in one day and collect some lqm random house pieces from each raid it adds up fast.

I’m not going to debate back and forth about this as it is a waste of everyone time. we didn’t spawn any items for the house or anything we had, and personally i don’t care if you believe me or not, the simple fact is that we didn’t spawn items. I will probably not respond to any other random gibberish trying to debate otherwise as it isn’t worth my time.