Just a tribesman from the northern clans.

Was inspired to do something like this cause we had a snowstorm in my town and it basically looks like E.D.N III here.

The snowstorm edit is good…

[sp]That’s all i can say[/sp]

Hey look, faraon rating this dumb, of course.
Anyway, its a nice picture and all, but its seems a little boring. Editing is nice though.
But other than that, I like it.

Your criticism is much appreciated :slight_smile:

Clanner scum!

Corporate bastards! get off our planet!

I love Lost Planet.

‘‘stand tall!’’

That screen thing seems to be attached to the wrong arm, right now he couldn’t use it. Nice picture otherwise.

Faraon rates every good pose dumb, therefor he thinks dumb=artistic

his legs look broken

4rd of all i dont get why his legs are braced and ^^^^^ that guy

“4rd” isn’t a word. Also, it’s a reference to Lost Planet.

Anyway, nice job on the picture!

loks like fallotu to me

Obvious trolling. :v:

i’ve seen you troll before, why do you do it?

i dont know what your’e tlaking about. i am agreeing in that his legs look fucked up. this is a large part of the image. it just looks wrong and doesnt let me fully enjoy my visual experience.

You’re bad at this. Stop going to every thread and purposefully misspelling and shitposting, and actually attempt to be a part of the community. Y’know, give actual constructive criticism.

what constructive cristicism could i give. i am acknowledging that the leg positions look awkward & bad to me. i am not entirely sure what is wrong with them at this time, just that they look off. how can i tell this guy how to fux something if i can’t figure out what is btohering me about it. also i am not purposely misspelling anything friend. i am making typos maybe but my browser does not spell check so i don’t notice.

Guys this thread is getting old so if you two want to continue the trash talking take it to PM.