Just a Typical Day in an alien slum (scene build)

Yes, these pictures are based off of District 9. I loved the movie and it inspired me to produce these photos. Also my first “real” scenebuild.

Just Another Typical Day


Negotiating Terms


Medic is based off Wikus trying to get aliens to sign the form.

Busted for illegal technology


Based on Christopher and his shack of illegal tech.

Alien Execution


Based on MNU Brutality against non-humans.

Proof that it’s a scenebuild


Map is ubasev10. Constructive Criticism please, and I would very much like someone to edit this to make it look dusty and stuff (like Chesty Mcgee’s District 9 photo). Enjoy.

Clever idea. You need to be more imaginative with your props though (only using metal blast doors for the shacks was a little boring). Other than that, you need to zoom in a little more with the camera (especially in the first picture).


Ooh just sure a mention to my picture. Thanks, mate.

The posing could use some work, and the medic model seems a bit out of place in the picture.

Whats with the sudden rush of D9 pics?
anyway the posing is a little off on the vortigaunts.
hah look at those little fookin vortiprawns! :stuck_out_tongue:

I started it because I’m so awesome like that.

It’s pretty but I agree with chesty about the boring props!

That’s nuffin, I started the bandwagon!

the vortigaunts look so cute