Just a very Simple Code. Door Title | CakeScript

Hi : D

Sup? :]

Okey i need some help here.

Im running my own remaked Lemonade/CakeScript
called SeriousScript

And could anyone make a simple code to me. So if Someone own a door, and when you look on the door it is like: Owner: NAME

And if its a door group then call it the use the names below.
I got 4 door groups.

-- Door Groups
-- Combine: 1  (call this "Civil Protection" or somthing)
-- Resistance: 2 (this one "Resistance")
-- HOH: 3 (and this one "Hand of Hope")
-- CWU: 4 (and this one "Civil Workers Union")

I will add your name to the creds, also if you like SeriousRP you can try our server.