Just a warning about a player named Gabe..

I don’t have any proof but he can walk through doors. He walked through my wooden one and when i followed him back to his house he walked through his metal door.

Going to have fraps loaded up everytime i play now. What is actually being done about the people that are hacking? can helk actually see if someone is injecting or manipulating the game with cheat engine?

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky/use the hackers thread" - postal))

Yea, my group just watched gabe walk through one of our walls when we started shooting him outside.

He’s in a group with sleepy, they’re both cheating.

What is actually the point of playing at the moment?

I can confirm that Sleepy is a speedhacker, but not Gabe.

Add Chucky to the Walk Through Walls Hack. Literally walked threw metal doors onto my second floor.

Beware the Gabe for he is the bringer of the summer sales and the killer of the wallets