Just an Idea for the mapgenerator + beginning features

I watched a few episodes from an mystery series on DVD. I think the feelings are nearly the same as in Rust.
I would really like an apocalyptic Island feeling. There are no big changes to do i think.
Maybe its a good idea as an option for servers.
Only groups of islands and a few sharks, maybe little boats and thats it.
I know there are similar games like stranded deep, but i like this as an option.
Another point what is interesting is the beginning. If i start to play i want to know how this situation was created.

Thanks for reading^^


Maybe some things were not implemented yet or i have no knowledge about them. Sorry for that.
Only a few ideas, which i cant got out of my head^^
And finally: sorry for my english, i know its not perfect and if you find mistakes pls keep them^^