Just an idea or 2

Well taking this from my rant, just want to see what sort of response this gets…

  • Removing satchel charges OR making them extremely rare/hard to make, not grabbing 5 from a drop or finding 1 in a crate etc, just seems like too much to deal with for victims and too little effort for attackers using them, way too easy to raid, 30 seconds per house you could clear the map.

  • Loss of recipes, I think that character death could be made more of a thing to worry about so people have more to think about than getting gear and mindlessly bashing heads, rinse and repeating.
    THE IDEA - Upon death losing maybe 50% (could even just completely wipe your memory so you lose 100% of your blueprints saved in your brain) Just because it’s not hard to find blueprints for standard things, mp5a4’s, metal doors and there is always research kits so in reality this isn’t that big of a deal, if you don’t have a metal door blueprint spare, make one and stash it so you can research it later? Not necessarily a big change so whatever with this really.

  • Buff Doors, I think it would be nice to feel like a game so influenced by base making and expanding and clan wars would be nice to feel like a single dude spending his whole night on the server can’t simply take a stash of C4 and blow down metals doors with what? 3 C4 per Door? It should be possible in some way to take down metal doors relatively quick, maybe by adding a Buzz Saw item like from Payday 2 with really low ammo so even then you can’t just destroy an entire base,
    By buffing the doors you also protect the noobies to just enjoy themselves or small groups to not be completely wiped from the server whenever some guy with gear see’s fit.
    This idea is getting long but I also think it would distinguish Rust from WarZ or DayZ since neither of them can do what rust does with bases, so keep the base aspect of Rust superior by any means?

I guess in my Rant I make it seem like Rust is doomed forever but I guess the giant IT’S AN ALPHA hand hit me so I have high hopes, ready to stand by it either way since WarZ is nothing but turd lol.

Any other idea’s? Not like I’m in the position to do anything with your idea’s I’m just curious :slight_smile:


Sort of scared to ask whether you are agreeing or maybe it’s like the British humor I’m used to where in reality you mean, “What a load of wank”

lol sorry I meant your ideas are really good

Oh ok thanks very much then haha

So you want to make c4 harder to get… but at the same time you want to add in an extra way to taking down metal doors? What’s to stop someone from using both methods to blow thru a base?

Well at the moment it takes 3 C4 per metal door? If you make C4 hard enough so a large group can’t have more than 3 a day or something, you know like NVG’S on the early days of DayZ? really low chance of having them! Buff metal doors to take 7-8 C4 so it’s essentially a whole stash worth of C4 on a gamble that another door isn’t behind it, this way it’s still possible to raid the smaller groups which will have to grow/learn and the bigger groups won’t be wiped leaving 1 almighty destroy the server group.

And on the note of the Buzz Saw, I don’t know if you have played Payday 2 but you can open a single or maybe 2 metal doors with the ammo you get, I think the saw itself should spawn without ammo, it shouldn’t be craftable but instead have an extremely high rarity so you may find 1 blade (ammo, capable of destroying 1 metal door) placed only within an extremely radiated area, I’m still sort of thinking on it but I think that would level out the threat of a raid with the likely hood of getting too big of a stash.

To counter this you would simply need to build a more stable base or keep high value loot on a higher level so people have to go 3/4/5 levels up taking out a metal door each time, depends on your architecture but it’s at least 1 way

But by going this way, buffing doors and making ways to take them down really hard to get, invading a base wouldnt really be worth it anymore. It would be too much of a hassle. All you need to do is make a 5+ story home(2x2 for example) with nothing but metal doors and one stair at each level… You would be forced to go thru 17 metal doors(four on the bottom and top, three on every other level). Again… It would hardly be worth it… and this is a ‘small’ base that one man can toss together with relative ease.

EDIT: As a side note, I do like the idea of making doors stronger, or slowing down how fast large groups can breach a base… But I dont think this is the way to go about it.

So perhaps find a middle ground and a compromise? Buff the doors but keep the C4 as it is? I guess after the duping is fixed we will see a lot less of the raiding currently occurring, good thing this is what we test for, let’s hope something along these lines happen though as it would be nice to rest easy knowing you might at least respect the effort going into raiding you haha

Right. I find it silly that people, even before the mass dupping, would c4 a wooden shack just to save time. It was silly. XD

Planting c4 should be a choice between getting in there quick vs taking time with the risk of being discovered and killed. As such, the quick option should be costly and not very efficient… yet gets the job done. I think the blast size of c4 should be much greater than what it is now… and given the ability to destroy crates and other item storing stuff in the next room. Granted, this would open the door(no pun intended) to griefing… But you should have to chose… Do you want loot or do you want to get in quicker?

The reason I c4 shacks is that I see the potential of getting lots of loot from there & suspect that owner might combatlog with all his shit / keep repairing the door over and over again taking us years to get in.

Well then on that “costly and not very efficient” maybe they should simply be nerfed so the C4 stay as popular as they are but takes a full stack of 5 per metal door, maybe more and maybe 3 per wood door so they can’t just throw them about like free candy

Taking that path would still allow large groups to mass-produce c4. It wouldnt slow them much. The more I think about it, the more Id like to see c4 not be able to be stacked. It would hugely limit how much you could carry… And if you combine that with c4 taking out all the goodies in the next room, people would be less willing to use them… Much less so for someone who owns a shack. (I -hate- how people use c4 against shacks. The guy in there already stands a snowball’s chance in hell against the people on the outside…) Which brings me back to your doorsaw thingy… Make it -loud.- Make it take a long time to cut thru the door. It -forces- people to cover the guy doing the cutting… but at the same time gives the defender(s) time to try and fight back. c4 the outer door… but you’re forced to cut your way into the loot rooms.

Yeah good point, so i think we’re heading along the lines of Risky C4 destroying loot you could take and being awkward to carry lots? And if implementing the Buzz Saw it is time consuming, loud, and means you cant just place it and cover like a C4, ALSO, maybe increase the timer on C4? Instead of the 3 second timer making Rust “Survivors, if that’s what they are called” a pro Swat team of ridiculousness

I really really like this idea to be fair it would be so much better with a lower rate of c4 and that buzz saw seems pretty good if you think about it lound,rare and would force other to work more as a team than all going to one door with c4 each and blowing the house down.

but i really like your idea.


Haha! Right! But… Just to be fair to the large groups… You can have more than one person using a saw on the door

That’s if they have more than 1 saw with ammo, which they shouldn’t it should be that rare, there was a video of Rocket from DayZ who said that some items would be so rare that it would literally be like 1 between ALL the servers, and there are a lot of DayZ servers. Imagine a system like that, it would just be 1 or 2 buzz saws being tossed between a variety of players until someone buries it in a random location like a treasure chest for the good of mankind.

Lol! I could see someone dumping in one of those little stash bags in a random bush at the edge of a map. Then again… I dont think items should be -that- rare though… But perhaps have a cap on how many can be found.

Yeah, depending on how the game runs, if it’s like most dayz servers where let’s say 3 heli’s spawn on restart, let’s say 3 buzz saws spawn on restart so at any given moment there are only 3 saws per server at any given moment, and 6 pieces of ammo at any given moment, all capable of destroying 1 door per 1 ammo blade, so 6 destroyable doors if you control all 3, might be too refined but it’s not like C4 are useless let’s face it, it’s just nice to have the second option of door destruction

Again, thats a tad too rare. As for how the ammo works in correlation to the metal door, I believe it shouldnt be one blade per door. I think the blade can dish out only so much damage before it breaks. So… if the door had been damaged/started decaying before you got to it… see where Im going with this?