Just another day at the base - Pyro and Scout "guarding" the War-Room.

Pretty much what happened a few hours BEFORE meet the spy.
Also the reason the spy managed to get in the base so quickly:


Picture music:


A hour passed and no comments?


No one? :sigh:

That Scout just wants his lunch break. :v:

A lighted Flamer on duty?** FUCK.**

Basically, Scout died by accidently eating heavy’s sandvich and Pyro got suprise-buttsecks’d.
And then Meet the Spy starts.

I think this looks pretty good.

I like the camera effect.

map link?
or model pack link?

Uhh…It’s with the official game?
Its just ctf_doublecross.

oh…well i never noticed this room in the map honestly…

posing is bad, it seems like the map itself saved your screenshot