'Just another day at work' - Wrex lays the smack dab on the Blue Sun Merc's.


This is sexy

Like all of your pictures.

The effects are really snazzy, but I’m not too sure about the posing on Wrex though. He doesn’t seem like he’s counteracting the gravitational pull of the merc. Sure, he’s strong, but gravity easily outmatches him.

Yeah, looks like he’s lifting her into the air a little too easily. I’ll have to work on these sort of poses. Thanks dude. :buddy:

[del]“Lays the smack down

Source -The Rock[/del]

im dumb :downs:

Nope ‘smack DAB’. Its part of a quote from Duke Nukem.

I understand.

No problem! It’s not an obvious mistake to make by any means. :v:

Sadly the only quote I remember from Deuke Nukem is “It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum…and I’m all out of gum” which they stole wholesale from ‘They Live (1988)’


Oh, and pic is cool, can’t see anything wrong with it. Love that orange color you work into your pics.

Wow, it looks more like some promotional artwork than an amateur Garry’s Mod pose.

Yeah, I think the full quote was, ‘I’m gonna lay the smack dab on your ass’. Duke Nukem has a shitstorm of stolen lines and stuff.

Thank you kindly sir.

One day… One day your skills will be mine.


They will be… Yes they will be.

Oh! And have art.



Yes leave the poor eclipse’s alone :slight_smile:

I really like it. Though like you’ve said, the wound on the battarian feels a bit odd.

This reminds me of the 1st ME book. x)


The colors are very vibrant, but the posing could use some work, as Haxxer said. Wrex could also use a little face posing, like a sneer of contempt. He’s not THAT emotionless. Otherwise, very nice.

The guns in the ME universe fire really small pellets at extreme velocity. Therefore, the exit wound wouldn’t be so big and there would be less blood splatter. :science:

The exit wounds are often huge compared to the bullet size

Besides, he could be using carnage or something

I know, I just wanted to act like a smartass.

I’m sorry. The pose is amazing. :frown:

Smartasses are only annoying when they’re completely right :buddy: