Just another Hacker Thread and my voice

I generally do not post on forums however I just want to have my opinion heard on this matter. I have been playing this game for about 3 weeks now and I enjoyed it tremendously for the first 2. In the last week I have had to deal with two aim botters in specific. Granted these are not the only two I have come across however these are the two that ruined the game for me. Two one man armies that would headshot my group over and over then ransack our base destroying needless walls. They would empty out the contents of our crates on the ground because they do not need the sulfur or the armor. One guy just sat outside our base while he headshot anyone who tried to leave. Just to do it.

I understand that this is alpha and that these things happen however what I do not see is any attempt to fix the issue. There is no task on the trello with a work in progress on these issues. People using color codes in their names is the closest thing and honestly seems pretty minor compared to the other exploits. There is very little communication on hacking issues in general. Other then it seems like an instant ban when someone post about it. Communication is key in this situation. Even a reset every week would be better then having your work destroyed for needless waste.

I quit playing Mortal Online and 7 Days to Die for these same reasons. I understand that the developers now have my money so my voice is not necessarily that loud however In the spirit of customer service and creating a gaming experience that many have tried but failed I hope someone will see this and understand. There are some people who truly want to help make this succeed. However if we are not heard then this game will end up as another statistic like this thread will be when it gets locked and I get banned.

(User was banned for this post ("search before you post, we have a hackers discussion thread" - postal))