Just another speech by Breen

One of my first attempts at artistic gmod screenshots and first time posting here.



I had the idea to make a really dense crowd which turned into the idea to make a combine assembly.

No Photoshop, Gimp, etc used, all ingame.

note i had the framerate of perhaps 3 while making this so i didn’t really focus on the details and just saw the picture as a whole.

The use of the Dupe tool is obvious. The crowd should have been more scrounged up at least instead of looking like a bunch of citizens getting in line for Breen to hand out his bobbleheads.

the citiziens looks very unlife like and they’re looking the wrong way

actually i didnt use dupe, and it may have taken a bit longer to pose them

i did i have the idea to pose a few people in the front but the framerate looking at the crowd was un bearable to do any posing with

You used NPCs!!!

Don’t lie everything there except for the shitty scenebuild is NPCs.

NPC posing is bad bad bad.

NPC spotted.

yeah its kinda obvious its npcs, i didn’t realize how anal this forum section is, i guess it doesn’t welcome newcomers

No we bash newcomers up and feed them to the roaches after chopping them in pieces.


If newcomers would read the rules, you wouldn’t get bashed on, and we won’t give anal.

Oh wait rules don’t say it.

But you should know not to use NPC’s.

You can’t call it posing if it’s NPC’s. This makes people who believes that there’s supposed to be a pose very, **very **mad.

We like to see work that took more than five minutes.

id like to see you make this while working with 2 frames per second

and remember guys im not trying to make a mona lisa, i’m just showing you some pictures from gmod no need to criticize it like its going into a art gallery.

well now that i know how absurdly high the screenshot sections standards for just posting are i wont post here anymore, hell i don’t even play gmod anymore, its been possibly a year since i last played it besides making these “effortless screenshots”

Cry some more. Seriously, I’m fucking sick of you all newcomers and your shitty attitudes. If you don’t want criticism, don’t post. If you don’t like it, get the fuck out.


Look man, you really didn’t do anything. Breen could’ve actually been posed and looked like he was saying something, and you could’ve atleast posed some citizens in the front to block view of the duped NPCs.

It is already.
Yeah, if you’re not going to take criticism, then fuck off, we don’t want to your dumb pictures again if you’re not willing to improve.

I like it.

I wonder if the people over at the Creationism Corner get this kind of lip from newcomers when they submit a bad drawing.

I am a witness to it Vman, back when I first got Gimp I made a shitty poster…twice, and yes I got bashed to all hell, so I ended up leaving, I returned to the mspaint thread with a lot more to contribute, and the results are good! :buddy:


but I wasn’t a whiny bitch, I knew it was shitty and moved on.