"Just Beat It!"

My very first photo on here. Its dedicated to Michael Jackson. How do you like it?

Constructive Critisim (SP?) Needed :smiley:

And there is ONE easter egg in this.

Please tell me any errors about the photo.

In before lock for undescriptive title.

Not much a dedication really:
Bad graphics, tiny crowd, poor posing on Mr. Jackson, a bunch of cardboard boxes for a stage, gig in the middle of an intersection.

bad posing, crappy stage, rather bland

These two posts ^


^These three posts


it is not certain that he did this because it would be good shit. perhaps he is honoring him. good endå

Okay, now this is a horrible picture. Horrible posing, and very bland. Why is M.J. standing on boxes? Oh crap. He better fix that electrical problem, he might get sued.

Okay, here is what is wrong:

1.It looks like you made one pose for a guy in the crowd, advance duplicated him, and then changed his model with the model manipulator. Proof: I dont think those people on the right were intentional simese twins. And don’t tell me thats the easter egg.

2.You went overboard on the electricity. You should try to learn editing, and then make some real stage lights. Maybe some smoke, be creative.

  1. MJ’s legs look a little screwed.

  2. You are in the street, with some boxes piled up, and a crowd of 7. Please think this over next time, you are on your way. Just keep practicing and I’m sure you can make s good poser/screenshot maker!

uhhh arms clipping on far right.

Please read the posts before posting another stating the exact same thing as the post above you >.<

Rather not read a wall of text


I don’t see the easter egg, is it MJ?

Easter Egg:
In the background, seems like the pavement is lit up… Billie Jean, maybe?

This picture is strange?
Why are there lightnings?
Why is the black guy up there standing like a jerk?
Wow I guess MJ got more fans than 7.

General Feedback: :wtc:

Improvements: Work on your Posing
Work on your editing
Pick a better map next time!

Its my first screenshot thing. It was 5 Am in the morning so I didnt put too much effort into it. But It was a short and fast thing for MJ.

Easter Egg:: The two arms clipping into each other on the bottom right. There is a back-story between the clipping arms. They were like that in an expirement gone wrong :smiley:

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That’s so bad it reminds me raptorfromsweden’s comics.

It’s 2AM here and I just made a screenshot that looks far better then this :slight_smile:

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