Just bought a key and got banned

I just bought a key for 10$, entered it, tried to login and it said my account got banned for requesting a refund or something, which I never did… Was it because I got lucky for getting the key for 10$…?

Would really like some help with this.

Did you dispute your payment or maybe the bank refunded your money after it was completed or something idk.

“Was it because I got lucky for getting the key for 10$.”

yes because you got it for 10 dollars you were banned…

Nope I didnt do anything at all

Probably not banned. That happens for some people. Keep trying to get through after this DDoS blows over and if it still says you’re banned, try contacting the devs/mods directly.

I just get this if I try to sign into the account I registered on now: ‘email’ (email) error - unset

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And now I get User not found, or wrong password

Try a another internet browser and try to clear ur cache it happened to me.

Did you buy it from the playrust.com Auction?

Thanks I think it worked, I logged in with internet explorer no addons and now I can log in. there is no servers up though.

Should I be worried about the ban message I got when I registered the key?

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I can log in from internet explorer but get ‘email’ (email) error - unset when using chrome and firefox. I deleted cookies as well… I really dont wanna use IE.

Yeah, we’re having massive server issues at the moment. That’s probably the issue as they are known to give weird error messages when messed up. Wait until the servers all come back up and you’ll probably be fine. The positive, you got a great price on the key. The negative, you might have to wait a few days to play…

You can also try with waterfox but anyway all the server are down so it doesnt change anything if you can log in.