Just bought a server

Hey, im new to Gmod and just bought a server and suck at using ftp

Would anyone be able to help me out with my ftp (for addons like PHX and Wire)
also to help me out with the server settings and maps ect…

If there are any websites that are able to help me please share as i havnt been able to find any

Thanks, Dez

Just follow the instructions with the addons.
If you want, you can add me on Steam (Killweiser187), and I’ll help you through it.

Don’t let random people have access to your FTP. Ask for help from your host’s support.

I can help if you want.

Steam id : snurp

I’ve owned the 15th best server at one point so you can trust me.

Well then I owned the best. Really, don’t trust random people.

I always use TeamViewer to show people how to use things like FTP and that.

If you give them your ftp password they can practically take over your server by changing passwords in cfg files and banning your steam id ect or they could just delete huge chunks out of your server to make it not work

Hey man im planning on getting a sever and i am a bit cofused do i have to send my computer in to get them to install or somethin and do u know a good sever site that is austrailan plz help and reply anyone!