Just bought game, what do I do?

Not a lot of people on multiplayer in the ‘classic’ version…yet it seems like something, like a game making game or something but I’m lost as to how to learn what to do, although perhaps I’ll try the multiplayer and asking there too…is garrys mod like a toolbox or sdk, for quickly making games? if not perhaps it could be ;p and maybe some features to share & rate ? i love making games but have little time, but would love to assemble pieces and post n share my games , maybe i’m gonna make a black ops mod game ;p

It’s a sandbox game. You build things with items you are given, or play a gamemode such as RP. Did you even read the description before you bought the game?

You have to spend loads of playing to get the hang of it…there are so many options and stuff to build and play around with.

It’s not a game/mod creator at all. It’s a sandbox game on the half life 2 engine where you can build things and make contraptions out of objects in source games.




Reading the description of games you buy usually pay off you know?

You can easily make a modification for GMOD, however you must learn the coding language “LUA”.