Just Bought Gmod, and i want to know what i need to get started.

alright i just got gmod and i need to know what i have to do like…

Tell me~
What Addons i need to get started
How to build, wiremod, etc.

I have played Gmod Before but very little of it.
it Will be Much Appreciated if get some of these Questions Answered.

~Thank You!!~

How to build?
You use tools to constrain props together, creating stuff.

PHX3 (SVN), Wiremod (SVN)
Those are really the only addons I can think of that just about every server has.

Wait, You joined facepunch in February, but got Gmod 2 hours ago?

Phx3 (SVN) Wiremod (SVN) Vehicles pack, and maybe some others, can’t get one garrysmod.org is down D:

1 brain cell.
1 brain.
1 computer.
1 Steam account.
1 copy of Garry’s Mod.