Just bought GMod and now all my HL games want to d/l and install


Bought GMod last night and today when I started Steam I saw it was trying to updates some games. I thought it was the usual minor update sort of thing you get from time to time but it was all my Half Life games, Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike, 9 games in all. None are installed at present and no way do I want to download that lot as I don’t play them now.

I know GMod requires certain games to be installed and from the list I saw Left4Dead was one and I have that installed so thought it would be good to go.

Anyway, firstly, do I really need to download and/or install all these games again?
Secondly, if not, how do I switch them from their permanently ‘download paused’ status. Is there anyway I can cancel these downloads?

Windows 7 Home Premium
HD 5850 Vapor X

Thanks in advance.


Sounds like a steam issue, not a GMOD issue. Try deleting your clientregistry.blob in the steam folder then restarting steam… BTW: Gmod doesn’t need L4D, it doesn’t even offically support its content.

happens to me too, i just leave it alone doesn’t really bother me.

its because Gmod wants to mount all your “compatible” games that you have bought…