Just bought the game on my mac (Lagging)

Just got the game, started it up on my mac, was trying to play it but every time i join a server i just skip all over the place is there any way to fix this?

What are your computer specs?

Graphics Card

Processor 1.7 GHz intel core i7
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 5000 1024 MB

Your processor falls just under the minimum requirements.

Your graphics chip, while relatively new is still an integrated solution.

So this game can’t run on my mac?

Not very well, no.

thanks for the help. still doesn’t make sense that it can’t at least run without it skipping i just read the requirements it should run.

It will run but not well.

Any way to get my money back lol

Steam gives one time refunds for people who change their mind or don’t read system requirements.

You’ll have to contact them.

Thank you