Just Brainstorming!

I just wonder if this DDOSer is using the console to abuse all the servers?

cause it seems like he/she/it is sending packets so fast that he has a macro set up to do like a net.connect/net.disconnect before he/she/it character loads in, im just trying to brain storm where/possiblities of what the person is doing i know its a ulink library bug but meh, just trying to think.

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Im pretty sure they have a bot network.

It is almost every server that is being DDOS’d, I doubt they are in the server itself.

yeah a bot network, would make sense, but they could be just using the console. like cause he is running through the server list, which means he would have to have a game client open to see the server list unless there is some where else he could access the server list?

Im pretty sure this is the same person and or persons who DDOS, Counter-strike, DAYZ etc, probably a bunch of angry parents who just want there kids to feel the touch of natural sunlight on their skin for once.

One guy can’t get down a network, unless it’s setup on a USB drive. Pretty sure they’re using a bot net or market booter.