Just broken :(

I need assistance, ive been trying to load into servers, It takes me 30 mins to an hour to get in, but most of the time, My gmod automatically exits off into desktop. If I do get into a server, I automatically loose connection to server, Iv’e integrefiyed the game cache, deleted local content, deleted the folder, factory resetted my computer, almost everything, any suggestions ? :o

–snip misread

Buy a new computer.

OK other then getting a new computer( in this economy?!), any suggestions

Well, could you post your computer specs and internets bandwidth? I’ll tell you if that is the problem or not.

Also, if you would like to, you could try deleting the local content from the steam library then navigate to: C:\programfiles\steam\steamapps\common and delete the folder that says garrysmod if there is one.

After you’ve done that, try reinstalling garrysmod from the steam library. You’ll probably have to give garrysmod some time at first to let the workshop download your workshop files (if you have any) and then retry logging onto a server.

Steam actually just came out with computers that are specifically for gaming called steam machines. If you google it you’ll find it. $400 bucks and the cheapest one is yours. Although, I’ve heard the steam OS that comes with it isn’t truly out of the beta phase. (it’s most related to linux, as you may know there are some compatability issues) I’m sure you’d be able to tolerate a 100+fps to nothing at all.

Hope this helps somehow, if not, sorry for your luck, I guess you need a new computer lol.