"Just call 911" you said...


Did zoey poop out that pipe bomb?

Isn’t that left4dead?

No, its Hello Kittys super awesome adventure

TAHT GAME IS EPIC~! I’m stuck at the part where you have to drive the Helllo Kitty Super mobile over the Hello Kitty Cliff OF death because everytime I try I JIZZ IN MY PANTS.

Back on topic

Nice picture.

:confused:I don’t get it.

Ambulance is clipping in the ground

flat tires!

It’s the model, valve is to lazy(and fat) to make them round.

Do none of the zombies have legs? Well apart from the one on the right but he doesn’t seem to realise where he is, either that or he doesn’t give a shit because he’d rather just hug the wall.

Zombie On The Right Likes Huggies! O.O

Zoeys top part is not cool.The rest is awesome;Bill’s pose is amazing.