Just can't wait for the release of BO2!

I think the models of Black Ops 2 will be just awesomes!

What. The. Fuck.

You must receive an achievement - “Dumb of the requesters” - request shit from game, that not released.

10/10 Release.

Would rate again.

You know, it would probably make a bit more sense to request something from a game that’s, well you know…ALREADY RELEASED. Asking for stuff from a game that hasn’t even had a demo released is a surefire way to not even get what you are requesting.

Kids these days…

if you ever log back in, you should know im already making plans for porting stuff from black ops 2

everyone wants old soap. back for some walker action.

Whenever I see a game and think it has great models to port, I usually keep it to myself.

You are the reason I take a hammer to my genitals at night.

You heartless bastard.

for you mr.zangado i work 100% extra hard to receive a nice call of the duty black operations 2 digital model packet
for u.