Just finding one server

Hey there,
since the update today and the change for experimental I started Rust and wanted to play. So I clicked to start the game and there were only one Server in the list. The other players I wanted to play with had much more. Now is my question what can I so to find more than one russian community server? Disabled Windows firewall and reinstalled.

Thanks for help!

edit: Okay it was possible a short time to find some community servers. 17 servers were availible after a short time only 13, then 10 and now once again 0. When I found the servers it was much luck to be able to connect. Often I got the message “status_disconnected” …
Rarely its possible to play with friends in my friendlist but that also luck that it works. Finally I have no idea what’s the problem with that.

Windows Firewall is already checked and rules are made for Steam and Rust.

Once again Thanks for help!