Just got back to playing Gmod in a year.-Recommend me some addons?

I just reinstalled it and I need some good addons.

I’m gonna get wire,svn,and doorstool so far.

Addons with an SVN:

SVN Tutorial:

Thanks dude.

BTW mods, I got all I need so please close.

By the way, when I said “Life Support” I meant all the other ones too that you need to get it working (Resource Distribution and so on)

SMBP, Stargate, LS (and friends) aren’t 100% necessary if you’re not playing Spacebuild. Even then Stargate isn’t required.

p*rnmod, hard to find though

Stargate is for the epic awesomeness!!!

SBMP is also epic but no it’s not actually needed.
Life support is not needed unless you play spacebuild.