Just got Gmod. What do I get for it?

I used to play on a friend’s Gmod game on his comp. He had things like spaceships, wiremod, power generators, and a bunch of other stuff.

My main interest in Gmod is building structures and space ships, so I need to know what to get, since there’s a lot of Gmod material out there. Help would be greatly appreciated!

You can download addons or maps from garrysmod.org
You can also download wiremod and phx3 from the SVN, just watch a youtube video to download them

Do you have any personal recommendations?

The Spaceships are all part of Spacebuild.
What I’d reccomend is travelling to new servers, so see what’s happening in the community.

Download Wiremod, PHX, Stargate, SBMP. All are available through svn and a simple google search should work. Search tortoise svn wiremod guide then just do the same with the other addons. Also, welcome to gmod :smiley:

Stargate SVN is down

I got Wiremod, PHX, and SBMP. However, when I do a search for servers, it just keeps searching without listing them. Any Idea what that could be?

Etc, etc.

PortForward.com is a good start just to make your router more open.
Check that your firewall isn’t secretly blocking it while you’re looking at a blank list.

It should work. I have CS:S and that works just fine! Could it be that I run Windows 7?

Oh, well. I played it once online at my friends. There were preteens everywhere shouting “OMG St0p T0UcH1nG ma1 Pr0pZZz!!!11one” Traumatizing experience.

Nah, I’m on Windows 7 Home Premium, works on computer & laptop; not that. Do you have ZoneAlarm or something similar that could require you to unblock/allow the game’s connection.

Perhaps resort to google if you can’t find some kind of solution.

No, just McAfee, and my firewall is allowing hl2.exe to do as it wishes. I hear talk about some update that screwed the game over pretty bad. Maybe it’s that?

avons stargate pack

phx 3

lua gravity glove (i hate the phys gun replacement but basicly your gravity gun is a seperate pair of gloves to your weapon gloves. but you get to choose what skin out of a list to use in game)

engine mod is ok (hard tho)

dragon npcs

full games- counter strike and dods :slight_smile: (but you can get away with not having dod)

[ Practical Requirements ]
] EVERYONE has these, and will laugh at you if you don’t [

  • Wire
  • PHX
  • SmartSnap

[ Recommended for You! ]

  • SpaceBuild (and friends (LS2, etc))
  • Stargate (SVN is down, but someone’s got a mirror of the latest revision somewhere)
  • SBMP

All are available at Divran’s SVN Tutorial. If you know how to use SVN already (can’t imagine that yet, since I doubt you’re a developer), the links are at the bottom of the OP, so go there anyway.

I’d like to point out that http://glua.net/ has a mirror of Stargate, so that should aid your search for that.

well in terms of gaming and addons i would get simple CSS,HL2 Ep1 and Ep2

This for epic shit.

EasyPrecision. I use that shit so much it’s bound to a key. Combine with SmartSnap for super sexiness.