Just got my server up

but whenever someone tries to join it says the map size is too large… i currently have a map at about 75 megs… is there a fix for that?

Max file size is 64.

right in the server.cfg file? i changed that and i was able to load the game on my end (at first i wasn’t able to start the server at all…) but i changed that and the server starts fine from my end but whenever someone else tries to join comes up with that error

There better off downloading the map off gmod.org

ya, i was thinking that… but i don’t want to lower my playing audience too much…

then put the file size up

Make sure the map is on the computer you’re trying to connect with. Source will only send maps smaller than 64 megs.

got it, i’ll have to find a smaller map


What gamemode are you running? I could perhaps suggest a few.

actually i found out that if i upload it to a web host and .bz2 file zip it should make the file much smaller… i’m hoping it’ll work bt i’m haveing trouble getting it setup to download from the webhost

Upload it to the webroot and get the URL?

whats a webroot? how do you upload to it and if you wanna look at the url that i setup it’s http://thegodfather.comlu.com/garrysmod

Wow… ok. Do you know how web hosting works? Let’s start there.

i know exactly enough to have setup that link and changed the server.cfg file to say:

sv_downloadurl http://thegodfather.comlu.com/garrysmod

oh and i also know the word’s MIME type

Put whatever file in that directory… example:


yes. that directory has every file that is inside of my dedicated server… you should beable to click on it.

So follow the path and use that for the URL? Maybe I’m missing the problem.

i am i think. i copy that url (http://thegodfather.comlu.com/garrysmod) in my server.cfg file with sv_downloadurl in front of it. but all the files and map still downloads from the server, instead of the webhost.

net_maxfilesize 9001

There’s no such thing… Max filesize on all of steam is 64 megs.