Just got the bad coder achievement, and just think, only had to press 'Q' 500 times.

Wondering if anyone could help me with these errors I keep getting:

ERROR: GAMEMODE:'OnSpawnMenuOpen' Failed: sandbox\gamemode\spawnmenu/spawnmenu.lua:66: attempt to call field 'SpawnMenuOpen' (a nil value)
:1: attempt to call field 'SpawnedProp' (a nil value)

:1: attempt to call field 'SpawnedNPC' (a nil value)
base\gamemode\cl_deathnotice.lua:94: attempt to call field 'IncBaddies' (a nil value)

Little background info:
I get a nil value whenever I open my Q menu, spawn a prop/NPC, or kill an NPC (don’t know if I get one upon prop destruction, haven’t tried it yet).
Comes up as a yellow error, which I’m pretty sure all Nil Values do.
Started happening once I downloaded the NeoCombine skin/NPC; I’ve deleted it since, but it’s still happening.
I went to the lines, or atleast thought I did, in the sandbox gamemode code but didn’t see anything obscure.
It doesn’t seem to have very much of an affect on playablity, but it’s pretty damn annoying.
Consistantly pops up; so it doesn’t matter which NPC/prop I spawn, which NPC I kill, or what menu Q is currently on, it always pops up.

Any and all help is appreciated; I just don’t feel like redownloading Gmod and all my addons.

Clean GMod.
You don’t have to redownload GMod, and you can transfer your addons over from the “Old” Garrysmod folder.

:doh: Wow man, thanks, lol.
Still, any idea of what’s causing it?

I remember the first time I got my bad coder achievement, it was when I downloaded a Gamemode, it only toke a few seconds to get it.

To get mine, all i had to do was pull out the toolgun when i had wire installed :slight_smile:

Latest wire update fixed that.