Just got this game just got banned from my first server

I just got this game, Joined a server, waited 10 minutes for the server files to download. Before I do anything some guy goes up to me shoots me, I respawn he shoots me again. I shoot him I get perma banned :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW if I create a server where it says “create server” can other people join, like is it listen or whatever you call it?

You must have your ports opened from 27000 to 27030 to host a server without any problem. ( Maybe you don’t have to open so many ports, but it’s better like this. )

Also, what was the gamemode when you joined?

But, yeah, anyways, this guy was a fool.

One thing you have to know in the Gmod world: 10 years old admins are everywhere.

Just search for Sandbox servers which are simply named, search for ones which are owned by a famous Gmod team, you won’t have problem with 20 years old admins.

Edit: Why Bad Spelling? :’(

I joined a sandbox server, though other servers have treated me better.

BTW why does it take so long to download crap for EVERY server? Is it like in counter strike source where your first 2 or 3 days take 10 minutes to join a server cause of the downloading files, but after it takes 5 seconds?

You have to download files from servers because owners put so many addons on them.

But when you download a file, fortunately it’s saved.

LUA files are just simple text files, so they’re really fast to download, but when you have to download materials/models, it’s longer, really longer.

Addons have so many different versions, especially with Wire, so if you don’t have the right LUA, you’ll have to download the file from the server, even if the file on the server is outdated from your version.

However, if you go on lots of servers, you’ll finally have lots of LUA, so the chance you don’t have the needed LUAs will decrease in time.

If you say you just got the game, you probably don’t have PHX and Wire, you really need them, it’s impossible playing Gmod without them for the main reason that every server have them, and you’ll see many errors if you don’t have them, because models of these addons aren’t downloaded on your computer when you join a server, it would take too long time.

You have to download Tortoise SVN: http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads

Then, install it, reboot your computer, create these folders in your " addons " folder.

  • Advanced Duplicator
  • PHX 3
  • Wire
  • Wire Model Pack

Right click on the Advanced Duplicator folder and click on SVN Checkout, then enter this one in the URL: https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/Adv%20Duplicator/

Same for the PHX 3 but now enter this one: https://phoenix-storms.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/phoenix-storms/

Wire: https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/wire/

Wire Model Pack: https://wiremod.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/wiremod/trunk/wire%20model%20pack%201/

Once every addon is downloaded, you can start searching for a server.

When you’ll see errors, just quit the game, and right click on every folder which is SVN updated, and then click Update. It may solve the " errors " problem.


If prompted for password and username, put these ones:



If you want to build, play singleplayer, it’s far better.

Multiplayer is so much more fun with friends
Ah, i remember the days of Gmod 9…

I wish this game isn’t filled with little kids, morons, and anime bums.

Because facepunch.com is.

^Don’t forget elitists.

Yet we’re in Gmod10. We got adv duplicator so we can build stuff with no worry in singleplayer and then bring it into the multiplayer regime to wreak havoc or awe.

Kidfags with scripted container launchers…

Thanks for the detailed reply Euphytose but whats the point of downloading the turtle thing? Cant I just download all the other crap but NOT the turtle? Just drag and drop the folders into my “Addons” foler right?

btw i downloaded the addons from the garrysmod website, still looking for where to download wire

It’s because you can’t find the updated versions anywhere else, Tortoise will help you to keep your addons updated at any time, otherwise you’ll have problems and your downloads will take a long time whereas it will download only the updated files with the SVN Client. It’s the easiest way, and it’s really simple.

If you really don’t want to use the SVN, you can still go there: http://www.glua.net/downloads.php But it will take a very long time since the kb/s are really crappy there. Also, you’ll have to download the entire addon each time, not only the updated files. I used to do that way, but since I use the SVN, it’s way easier.

You have to download TortoiseSVN, and don’t download them from garrysmod.org since the newest Wire is never on there.

Hmmm, bad start…

If you dont have anything else to say, why did you post then?

Anyways, I agree with the 10 year old admins.
Sometimes, people just get too pissed
and ban people for reasons like making a prop.

I got banned from a server for driving my tank i made, it didnt even have guns or anything like that.


Theres easier way to download wire!
Link: http://www.wiremod.com/forum/wiremod-general-chat/6349-super-easy-wire-download.html