Just Had A Thought! Will missing wall/floor Glitch result in Ban???

So, I logged on this evening to my server to check out an Arena I am building. I had logged off while on some stone foundations built over a shallow lake.

However, the foundations where I was, were missing, along with walls, floors etc… and I was in the water, but able to stand.

The height of the foundations made it impossible for me to jump out, so I tried placing foundations steps but just got the sphere place error. This means the game still thinks foundations are there!

I ended up using to the oxide plugin /fly to get out. I then ran around, passing through where walls should be, falling through holes where floors should be… you get the picture.

I then had the thought, if the game thinks they are there, but here I am glitching through them, would I get banned from my own server, or even worse???

no, unless you as admin were to ban yourself for glitching, lol. It would be highly unlikely that VAC would pick up on this. EAC I don’t know too much about but in all the times this glitch/bug has happened to me in my server, I have never been falsely kicked by EAC or otherwise.

Usually when I get this in mine re-logging puts the missing entities back. This actually happened to me last night and only had to log out and back in to bring them back - try that as a workaround. if you were to log in and then be inside a foundy that has come back simply jumping should get you back on the level. Worst case scenario kill yourself - shouldn’t impact you that much seeing as you are an admin.

Also, this has been around for a while so is a known issue actively being worked on so should be fixed pretty soon…