"Just ignore the gun and keep working" Secret Agent Wesker aiming a gun at a scientist.

Scientist: Thats easy to say… YOU have the gun.


Something simple, 95% of it is ingame(apart from the headshot on the dead scientist on the left and the stitching).

My first entry for the secret agents contest!

The posing looks a little stiff. I’m guessing this guy isn’t fingerposeable?

Not bad.

I don’t really know why he needs a Pistol and an SMG though.

It is, why you say he isnt? Look at the hand with the SMG is fingerposed.
And the model is a bit stiff because its rigged by S-low for CSS :C or you also mean the posing on Kleiner?

If the SMG runs out of bullets he got a pistol :v: and if the pistol runs out of bullets he got his fists.

Posing is a bit stiff, but not bad. And were those bullet impacts intentional on the glass? Blood looks good, but I think there should be more of it, and some splattered on the monitor.

Remember to pose the thumbs.

Could use some more editing like dramatic lighting and DoF, otherwise I really like the posing even though the scientist looks a bit too calm.

I know that it could be better with some nice editing but I wanted to do something purely ingame(AKA I was feeling lazy) but my next entry for the contest will be super cool dw.

About the posing, I dunno whats happening to me, I see the posing alright when I do it, but then after reading your comments and seeing the pose again I see its stiff… I need to double check the pics next time, thanks for the comments.

Also, dumb thumbs I forgot about them :v: