Just interested

well was just shown a utube vid of this game and its got me interested to know more.

When were the beta keys given out?

Is there a plan to give anymore out?

whats the anticipated release date for the game?

How much will it cost

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Too many shitty threads on this forum today… why does it seem like it’s just a bunch of people creating multiple accounts JUST to annoy the fuck out of everyone.

might be a shitty thread to you but seeing as i never heard of the game up till about 10 mins ago was just interested to know.

couldnt give a rats ass if i got a beta key or not but would like to know a guesstimate of the release date.

The beta keys haven’t been given out yet, they will probably give out some beta keys when it’s actually IN beta, nobody knows the release date, and not many people outside of dev team have much of an idea how much it will cost. Probably something reasonable. Does that answer your question?

yes it does, i just assumed it was in beta from what i was told by the person you linked me the video