Just Letting Some Steam Off

Just letting some steam off. Admin/Garry, Im just trying to get my opinion out there, but if you are offended, please only take this thread down, dont ban me.

There are only a few people play now, about like 40 and the max I saw (lately) is like 200, and the majority of players that play now are either trolls, hackers, or retards but that I believe it falls into the trolls category. I put a chat/event that I picked up now below. Okay there is a troll/retard that is pretty obvious (how do i get beta key - its him if you didnt notice). Now people are saying (or at least that is what I understood I couldnt be wrong) that Garry was looking for people that can report bugs in the game, and be a good honest player. Well when the game was released those two were in the game so I dont know whats the problem. Before I get into the next part witch is the Rust keys, I just want to clear out that Im not asking for a key. Now Im mad not because Garry is handing out more keys Im mad because of the people that have keys (like our friend how do i get beta key), and the hackers that are not being dealt with. Now what is probably one of the things Im really mad about is the fact that no one from FacePunch nor the other guy that started the project is not listening (and when I say listening I mean reading and thinking about what EVERYONE is saying not just taking everyones comments as whining) to what the players are saying. In the Hackers section there are 100+ people saying that a user is a hacker and people even show proof of those hackers. Now I dont remember of more but if

1:8 Epicbro653 murdered Locopock
1:8 Horny Hornet: Karma, you little fucking jew.
1:8 GhostPhantomBomber: did you open taht
1:8 GhostPhantomBomber: france
1:8 Epicbro653: your stuff glitch i couldnt pic it up lsel
1:8 GhostPhantomBomber: he is here frank
1:8 Horny Hornet: I’m going to fucking rape you the next time
1:8 Snippy McPacifist: kk
1:7 Horny Hornet: God mother fucking damnit, you fucking dipshit.
1:7 Horny Hornet: God mother fucking damnit, you fucking dipshit.
1:7 mattmang: if that doesn’t work
1:7 mattmang: If that happens try resizing the page
1:7 deosamox: tree*
1:7 mattmang: Uh
1:7 deosamox: you on the door
1:7 mattmang: Suddenly I can’t use my hatchet/flare
1:7 deosamox: hi
1:7 Epicbro653 murdered Horny Hornet
1:7 Snippy McPacifist: Thing is I can’t see my hud
1:7 VoxSerico: C’mere! I just wanna axe you a question…
1:7 mattmang: Tab is craft/inv/options
1:7 Francesco2025: k
1:7 GhostPhantomBomber: no sorry
1:7 Francesco2025: have you got skipe ?
1:7 deosamox: where r u
1:7 GhostPhantomBomber: lead the way mate
1:7 mattmang: yeah deo
1:6 GhostPhantomBomber: sure
1:6 deosamox: mattmang
1:6 Snippy McPacifist: Sure.
1:6 Francesco2025: team up?
1:6 Snippy McPacifist: I’m still confused as fuck about the damn controls.
1:6 mattmang: Want to team up
1:6 mattmang: Snippy
1:6 GhostPhantomBomber: HI
1:6 Francesco2025: hi gost
1:6 blade2697: When I do /unstuck
1:6 Jalkabeast#420: servers still lagging with the entity limit?
1:6 GhostPhantomBomber: HEY
1:6 GhostPhantomBomber: GEY
1:6 Snippy McPacifist: ErmFreindly I guess
1:6 how do i get beta key: pl pl pl [FFFF00]KEY PLS?!?!?!?!
1:6 how do i get beta key:ta key pl pl pl [FFFF00]KEY PLS?!?!?!?!

If you read all this you are mad as well or bored…

Now I dont remember of more but if you feel agry about this or more stupid things , comment.

Lol. You getting mad from that? There are several others who don’t contribute at all compared to him.

The overnight crew is really friendly. I am on EST and when it is around 3am the nicest people come on a play. I never play during the day for this reason. 200 people means there is almost indefinitely a hacker/spammer or something of the sort.

A lot of people don’t play during the day because the day typically brings speedhackers, trolls, and the common 200 players.

There’s something called, alpha testing.

Seems like too many people for Alpha testing.

Actually there’s not enough, I need more people to complain how broken the game is.

Agreed i think he should close it for now. its alpha. maybe open it back up in a few weeks, maybe even until beta. this game got popular (in my opinion) mostly cuz of Psi and maybe some other youtubers idk about. I myself joined the game because of him but he has his douche subs that hack/spam/ and are 9 year old twats that just KOS or are just annoying and stupid asf

Im not specifying this guy, its just the one douche that I found in the chat/event tab when I copy/paste it.

The main problem with the current KOS’ers (moreso than hackers), is that very few people get to the more involved parts of the game so that they can test and give feedback on them, so much of the feedback is either graphical bugs, or KOS & hacking complaints.

I would love to know what you are talking about but unfortonally Facepuch prefers giving keys to hackers and retard trolls than to people that could actually help them in the development of this game.

(If you didnt get/notice in the big text, I cant play the game)

How the hell are the developers supposed to know if they’re hackers/retards until they’ve actually started playing?

First come is usually served first, they were quicker than you and therefore they got a beta key.

Now they know who the hackers/retards are but actions arent being taken.

Yeah, I can name a plenty of them. Though, they’re not getting banned until the developers decides to fix all the loopholes or just ban those who’s using Cheat Engine etc.