Just my personal input

As someone who has enjoyed 1k+ hours of rust in many different environments(solo & group play) i am starting to think the game is moving away from what i enjoy. I know people i speak with love the start of rust the first few days after a complete wipe. I know once we get established my group slowly stops playing. By established i mean boxes full of aks and secure base. My perfect game would be rust with just early game weapons… I see the development of rust and it almost feels like the dev team is all over the board with what they want rust to be come. They keep making people group together to survive but their servers can’t handle all these new Extremely large bases popping up. The gun play never will be the best, there are games that are much better at first person shooters. The thing rust has was the complete game world. Bow and Arrow no game can compete with rust =p

The farther guns shoot the more militarized the game gets, the less interaction you see between people. Why do you think people like vertigo and such do so well its their interactions in the world of rust.

Yeah I agree, I have the most fun and get invested during the first hour or two when trying to scrape by but once I have a secure base, loads of resources and a stockpile of weapons I realise I don’t give a single shit and stop playing.

If you can’t imagine up a way to entertain you and your friends with a surplus of supplies, then just stop playing for a while. This game isn’t going to be “finished” for a very long time still, so there’s plenty of time to enjoy other things while you wait.

The problem is the gameplay “transformation” from survival in early game to “a simple shooter” in late game. And my opinion is, the game reaches his late game phase to quick atm.

I heard it’ll be done in 17 months, unless Garry was just joking.

He didn’t clarify. He just said “17”.

Hope. Hope my good man.

17 years? Too optimistic?

I can easily see it taking 2 more years.

Couldn’t someone make a modded server where the weapons cap at a certain point?

I agree that I have the most fun early on. Although I only play solo and don’t have much time to play, so it takes a bit longer for me, I can see how an experienced player would blow by this stage.

Possible and already exists. There even are medieval servers with no guns at all.

Valve came out with TF2 in like 2007, and not only is that game arguably unfinished but Valve still consistently works on it. I’m pretty sure the same can be said for Rust and people trying to spin these facts into slander are merely venting their frustration, just like the people who complain about constant truths about TF2.

I honestly believe that the people complaining about rusts state of development just haven’t spent enough time thinking about it. Personally I feel that they should have stopped adding features months ago polished it up and spit it out. Sure you wouldn’t have all the friggin awesome cool stuff they have added from the last few months but that’s what rust 2 would be for.

Now with that said I’m incredibly happy that were not getting that because it shows that the dev team truly loves this game, its a labor of love. They want it to be even more awesome than it already is while avoiding a huge payday by breaking it up into multiple releases, to me that’s really admirable. I stand by whatever choice they make because they have impressed the hell out of me.

Don’t get me wrong ill still take that polished release soon and a rust 2 later if it was up to me but it isn’t and the man who can make that choice seems to be on a mission to make this game everything it can be. Can’t say that about any other developer as far as I know.