Just need a little bit of help


I was wondering if you can turn off picking up guns automatically and how.

Basically, I’m positioning some weapons close together and I keep picking them up and I would like to know if there is a way I can stop this, but then re-activate it once I have finished positioning the weapons.

Sorry if the question is ‘Dumb’, but I’m fairly new to Garry’s Mod.



Can’t just just noclip in the air high enough so that you won’t touch the weapons?

Sounds good to me.


Press ‘V’ ingame to noclip


Means you can fly around

You could try a RT cam with a TV screen off to the side, if you want closeups.

Thanks for the suggestions guys, but is there anyway in game of turning it off at all? It would make it a lot easier.

If not I will try these suggestions instead.

Use the weapon models. Search the name of the weapon you want in the prop spawnlist and you won’t pick them up.

This would be an excellent idea apart from the fact that I just want to not be able to pick them up while positioning them. Once I have finished positioning I want to be able to pick them up again.

Why would you want to pick them up again? When you’re done, spawn them from the weapon menu.

wakkydude is right. Make the base models for the part you wanna use, then create the real things.