Just need some help with this Bonk Atomic Punch model

So i’m gonna need a bit of help here…basically i’ve decompiled the Bonk Atomic Punch model from TF2, imported it to 3Ds Max, and have modelled a ringpull piece and a small metal cover for the top of the can. I’ve linked both those parts with bones too.

For the UV mapping, I just need a really simple grey colour for the metal cover, and red for the actual ringpull- nothing fancy. I’ve unwrapped the UVs for the ringpull and have them as above.

So, the question is, how do I merge 3 different pieces of a model into one, so they all share the same UV map, but still allowing some of the parts to move freely? I can quite easily do simple UV mapping, but when it involves UV mapping two or three separate pieces of a model, i’m not sure what to do. Ideally, i just need the UVs for the ringpull to be inside the actual can model’s UVs, I just don’t know how to get them there. Do i need to group/link the parts together? Or is there some way of copy-pasting my unwrapped UVs for the ringpull between models onto the can, and just creating a new can UV/texture?

I’m sure this is pretty basic stuff, it’s just my first time experimenting with decompiling/recompiling for Source Filmmaker- any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

This really can’t be advanced stuff, there must be a way?


If you want to join the UVs select one object and make it an Editable Poly or add an Edit Poly modifier. Than, go into the Edit Geometry section and select Attach and then click on the other objects to attach them. Then apply an Unwrap UVW modifier and you will be able to edit the UV with all objects together. Under Selection Parameters for the Unwrap UVW modifier you can tick Select by Element to select and move entire pieces.

Before doing that, I would push the UVs for the new objects out of the box so that when you merge them, they’re easier to work with while you fix it up. This just prevents everything from being overlapping when you first merge it all together.

Hmm after a bit of research I did discover this method, the problem being that once the geometry is attached, don’t you lose the option of movement/rotation of those small parts? Ideally i’d like to still be able to rotate the ringpull :frowning:

If you’re in 3ds max, you can still select an item by element. If you couldn’t rotate individual pieces to a model, modeling would be an awful pain in the ass. Alternatively, you could rig it to a bone for use in animation.