"Just one last stop before I get the fuck out of here."

i was like fuckin 10 when this shit went down oh my god don’t view this thread

The hunter looks like you grabbed his chest and froze it, without any real posing.

I did pose all of the limbs.

Bad posing.

The guy in the suit is stiff, no one would hold a gun like that, the shotgun i mean, and his head is crooked.

The hunter is also badly poses, his head looks like it wasnt even posed at all.

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Plus, the shadow edit you did on the hunter is pretty bad.

I would, but not that kind of shotgun.

I was intentionally making him rest the shotgun in his hand and his his head is crooked because he is looking up.


just stop trying to explain everything and take the criticism, you’ve done that in all your threads


Also, i know he was resting the shotgun, stop making excuses.

Is he supposed to be walking or standing still?
Either way he looks a tad awkward.

Yes, he is looking up.

Nope, looks like he’s looking at the viewer, almost.

stop making excuses your posing is shit

I know the posing is bad but I eye posed him so he is looking up at a building in the distance.

i see no eyeposing stop being a poop

Well I guess you don’t see it but it is there. Is the background too empty?

No its fucking not.

i dont like the hunter in the back maby you should have done some dead zombies or something but everything else is great





Listen, I did eye pose it so if you think you know everything about how I made the picture by looking at it for a second and decide to try and argue with me about it, you can just leave the thread.

You must be blind, i made his eyes red to show you, he’s not looking up, as you stated, he’s looking at the center of the fucking screen.